Simple Stretches for Healthy Shoulders

Have you got rounded shoulders? Well, think about how much time we spend hunching forward – whether you are in front of the computer, texting, driving or even preparing meals in the kitchen. All these activities involve us to some extent to be creeping our shoulders and head forward. It’s no surprise that rounded shoulders is a common syndrome amongst many of us.

While we can’t avoid these in our lifestyle, it is important that we maintain the health of our shoulders to counter or ‘undo’ the effects of all the hunching.

Here’s a short sequence for healthy shoulders. This set of movements takes your shoulder through the full range of motion which is vital to ensure the vitality of your shoulders and enhance functional movements.

If some of these are inaccessible for you today, use a strap, towel or scarf. MAKE IT WORK FOR YOU! Hold and stay for 5 to 10 long deep breaths!