Commit to Your Practice


On some days, getting on the mat becomes a little harder, especially when you are tired, or when there are a thousand things more important that yoga. For me, I find it extremely hard when my mind is in a mess. It just doesn’t want to quieten down.

My own practice does get compromised from time to time, whether it’s for legit reasons, or just excuses (mostly the latter, unfortunately). Each time I notice myself slipping off my regular practice, I hear my teacher in my head “Practise. Commit. Trust the yoga.”

This quote from Elena Brower (one of the most inspiring yoga teachers/writers around) always serves as a good reminder:

“Practice as much as you can. We might not always want to practice, but when we get in our bodies, we are in our hearts, and able to listen and be present for everything in our lives. Go get on your mat, and enjoy your practice today.”

I hope you guys do the same too.