Yoga is the dance between effort and letting go.
Through this balance between strength and surrender,
we cultivate ease in the mind, body and breath. 
Give yourself the gift of yoga.

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outdoor yoga

Nothing feels better than a sweat and a stretch in the morning to start the day! Doing yoga in the nature brings a sense of calmness and helps us reconnect with the inner selves. Join us every weekend mornings:

Saturday - East Coast Park
Sunday - Bedok Reservoir


Yoga Therapeutics Privates

One-on-one or semi-private sessions tailored to help you work with specific wellness goals, injuries or to refine your practice through mindfulness and proper alignment.  Tension, pain or injury to the neck, wrists, shoulders, hips, or knees are just some of the issues that can be addressed. 

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Yoga for Back Care (Series of 5)

Whether it is due to habitual postures or injuries, lower back pain is becoming a prevalent health problem. Specially designed for those who are experiencing back issues, this one-on-one programme will be tailored to your condition, aimed at helping to relieve pain and strengthen the back muscles. Plus, learn to integrate back-care skills in your own practice.